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Who Runs the World? Type A’s!!

We anxious brains are so good at so many things but one area where we really excel is self-criticizing.  We are masters at beating ourselves up, only recognizing our shortcomings and spending many a sleepless night ruminating over every conversation from the day thinking of things we could have said or done differently.  Right?  There are so many negative things to talk about when it comes to anxiety that I wanted to spend a little time focusing on the positives of our Type A personalities.

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How Did I Get Here??? From Calm to Panic in Three Short Years

I’m sure all of my fellow anxious brains can relate to a question I often found myself asking during some of my darkest anxiety-filled days, How did I get here?  Of course, this question stems from the obvious realization that we weren’t always like this.  Granted many of us were wired from conception with a tendency toward an anxious brain, and many of us dealt with anxious episodes as children, but, at least for me, paralyzing fear every time I attempted to leave my house, a brain set on catastrophe mode that would never shut off and seemingly nearly dying (read: having panic attacks) every other day absolutely did not used to be a part of my life, so, how did I get here?

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